Saturday, July 30, 2011


When your dining companion tells you that the highlight of her meal was the spiced pecans, you know that you have failed to impress. So, while Vinoteca, with its lovely decor and happening bar scene, is surely date-worthy, here are some menu items to avoid:

Duck Prosciutto was the main culprit. Readers will know that Antoinette Ego is a big fan of prosciutto, especially boar prosciutto, but duck is a different animal. Think about it for a moment. The wild boar is a lean old codger, what with all that running around foraging in the woods. Duck, on the other hand, is plump by nature, needing to be bouyant in the water. And farm raised duck, which are often force-fed (yes, with a funnel) to fatten them up for foie gras, are especially fatty. Nancy pronounced the duck prosicutto "too rich," which turned out to be a euphemism for "inedible". Whatever flavor the duck had to impart was lost in fatty tastelessness.

White wines by the glass: we sampled one from the lower end of the price spectrum (Seven Sisters Buketraube from South Africa,  $8) and one from the medium range (Louis Michel & Fils Chablis from France, $14), both of which were forgettable. You may have to splurge on the upper end ($16) to find something memorable.

The best dish was the ahi tuna appetizer. Sleek and fresh, I would say this was better than the average ahi tuna appetizer. Recommended.

I also spied some intriguing items on the menu that I would be tempted to try if I ever found myself back at Vinoteca. The cheese flights in particular. There is a "cow flight", a "sheep flight" and a "goat flight". If you can find the right wines to pair with these, you may have the makings of a good date.

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